Possible memory issue after Windows 7RC install??

Hi guys,
I'm new on here and would first like to start by thanking any help in advance.
Bit of a story this one. Not quite sure where to start! Background I suppose...
My system specs first:
Intel E6550 with Crucial 2GB DDR 667 ram, Radeon HD4850 graphics, 500GB ESata 2 Harddrive

Ok, I had been having stability issues with my PC for a few weeks. It first started when I upgraded my OS from Windows 7 beta to Windows 7 RC (had run flawlessly with W7 beta for nearly 6 months with lots of graphic intensive games). At the point of clean installing Windows 7RC the PC crashed on the 1st reboot and would not install. After some help I found out this was due to the Esata 2 hard drive being set to LBA/Large mode - i disabled this in the bios and W7RC installed fine. The next point I think may be relevant to the issue I will describe below - in order to even get into the bios I had to reset the CMOS by removing the battery and reseating. This of course returned BIOS settings to default (I didnt have a note of what they should be)

About a week later I started to see Verification failure notices in Quickpar. And also memory faults. Because of this I ran Memtest86 which detected 2 errors. I then ran Windows own memory diagnostic tool which also reported hardware issues. Because of this I removed the case and reseated the 2 1GB memory sticks. I then ran another memory test and they reported no issues. A few days later after I had my PC on for 3 consequeutive days upon rebooting it would not boot. Just got to the screen saying Windows 7 and hung. This has happened about 4 times since I installed W7RC but I suspenct it may have someting to do with bios settings after I reset CMOS?
I have checked and the bios shows the memory sticks are set to run at Auto so this is supposed to run at that specified by SPD
In the case of my ram the timings should be 5-5-5-15 at 333MHZ. But in CPUZ the memory tab is showing around 245MHZ and 4-4-4-12 timings and also a FSB: Dram of 4:3. Is this OK?!

I have now also run Prime95 which failed after about 3 hours.

Has anyone heard of memory failing when installing new operating system or maybe its coincidence? Or could it be that Windows 7RC stresses memory more than Windows 7 beta? Would memory faults cause the system to stop booting after several days?
So many questions!!!! The reason I'm asking is that I'm not sure whether to by new ram sticks or not

Again any thoughts or help would be much appreciated.
Many thanks for listening to my woes!

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  1. Did you upgrade from XP? I noticed you barely mentioned your motherboard... maybe you just need to download Vista drivers for your chipset?
  2. Hi, no I upgraded from Vista 32 bit home edition to Windows 7 beta build 7000 then to W7RC which was when the problems started. I'm not convinced that was the cause though

    My motherboard is an ASRock Conroe1333-eSata2

    How would i look at upgrading chipset drivers (I take it you meant for ram - sorry I'm a noob and am learning as I'm going!)
  3. Hmmm some more developments.
    I reverted back to Windows 7 Beta and had my PC on all day today.
    I then ran Prime95 memery test which failed straight away.
    So I ran memtest 86 which also failed and gave 2 errors.
    So I took one of the ram sticks out leaving one 1gb and ran memtest on that which failed with lots of errors.
    So thinking the 1st ram stick was the problem I took it oput and tried the 2nd stick which ran for a while on memtest without failing
    Great I thought I can say that it must be the 1st stick. So just to be sure I retested the first stick in the opposite slot and it didnt fail. I then put it back into the original slot it failed in first time and gues what it didnt fail first time!!

    WOuld anyone nknow what this could mean. Were the ram sticks cooling down and therefore showing less errors? I didnt run the tests for that long (about 5 mins each) so they didnt get individual thrashings for any length of time.
    I'm just wondering whether the issue is due to the case overheating?....

    If any one has any thoughts they'd be well appreciated
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