Will a 3gb/s Drive work on 6gb/s slots?

simple question really...

I want to buy a motherboard that only has SATA 6gb/s slots, but not too happy with the SATA 6gb/s HDDs out there right now. Will a SATA 3gb/s Drive work on the 6gb/s slots?

Thanks much!
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    Should be backwards compatable, Just as a SATA1.5 HDD works in a SATA2 slot and like a USB 1.1 Thumb drive works in USB 2.

    Mechanical HDDs are just to slow, they do not fully use SATA3. About the ouly thing that currently benifits from SATA6 are the NEW SSDs (see link) and SSDs in raid0 config.
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  3. thanks a lot!
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