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I just got my new computer, a custom build with an i7 930 and nvidia 480 GTX in a thermaltake armor+. Someone else bought the parts and put it together for me, but it has some type of coolermaster air cooling CPU fan. How much do you think I can overclock it to on air? At 2.8ghz I'm running prime95 and the cores are mid 50's heat wise.

Also, will overclocking it and having the voltage within the 1.3 range reduce the life expectancy?

-I am running a corsair 750w psu as well
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  1. If you could find your CPU heatsink model that would be nice. Hyper 212?

    I'm sure if you wanted to, you could hit 4.0 safely. Depends on your airflow, exact model, etc... but you could overclock it so it max loads at 75C (Using Prime95 or similar) If you got a really good chip, it won't need much more than 1.2v all the way to 4.0, but usually it's closer to 1.3v/1.325v.

    If you wanted something a bit more conservative, 3.4 - 3.6 would probably be stable and easy.

    As far as life expectancy is concerned... that's a complicated question.
    Typically, when your cores hit maximum temps, it's only in stress testing... in games you can comfortably say it's going to be a good chunk less. If you're consistently in the 40C-70C range (idle to gaming), you don't have anything to worry about.
  2. Well it looks like the 212, the metal things on the side aren't split, and the fan/top design is the same so I think it's that. Right now it idles at 41-44C, and it's like .93-1.04 volts for the default speed (it changes for some reason)

    Also I have the MSI Eclipse X58
  3. Well you definitely can overclock, you'll just have to see for yourself how far you want to go. I'd just search for guides, forum posts, reviews, etc and soak up as much info as you can.

    Start out with something easy like getting it to 3.4 GHz just to get an idea. You can see how much the temp increases also and gauge it off of that.
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