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hi i had a power surge and now when i turn on my pc on it just beeps and a red light flickers above the little light icon on the system unit but my harddrive works fine im currently using it in a different pc. so i just wanted ti know what the problem is and if its fixable
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  1. power surge = electronic device failure = BUY A NEW COMPUTER!
  2. Download CPU-Z and let us know what type of cpu and mobo you have.
    Once that's established you can download the mobo manual and decipher your beep codes.
    I'm guessing but i would imagine the jolt could have played havoc with your bios/cmos.
    There is also the possibilty of component damage.
    At the very least you should have your electronic gear plugged into surge protectors.
    $10 dollar ones will suffice and take the brunt of a lightening strike or surge.
  3. Davcon, if you cannot boot, you cannot run CPU-Z on that motherboard.

    Our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:
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