New Install - Should I install latest versions?

I will be configuring my new build this weekend.

I have ordered the Asus P6T Delux MO.

I notice on the ASUS site that there are a lot of updates to many conponets of this MO.

37 files found

BIOS (5) [BIOS History]
BIOS-Utilities (1)
Chipset (1)
LAN (2)
Utilities (6)
SATA (3)
Others (11)

Should I just update all these to the latest version?
When do I do this? I assume once I get the system to boot up normally?
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  1. Install Windows. Install all drivers from the disk that comes with your mobo. Then go back and update each driver individually.
  2. That's what I thought thanks for your reply!
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