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a b D Laptop
a b G Storage
July 14, 2010 5:00:18 AM

I have a Toshiba SATA laptop hard drive. Until recently, it was the actual boot hard drive to my Acer laptop. However, that comp fell on the floor, and the screen broke. Anyway, I had valuable files on the hard drive, so I took it out of the laptop and put it in an enclosure, and hooked it up as an external hard drive to another Acer laptop. At first, it was reading the drive just fine. I even got some of my files off, a few gigs actually. Then, I tried moving some pix. It stuck, I got annoyed, so I restarted the computer. After that, it won't read the hard drive at all. Everytime I plug in the external drive, a message appears: "You need to format the disc in drive F: before you can use it." As I said, I have files that I need, so I can't just format it. So, I did a command promp. When I did that, this message appeared: "Data error (cyclic redundancy check). Now, when it was working, a few of the files wouldn't transfer before of such a problem, but as I said, most that I wanted to transfer, did. I even tried the freezer trick. Nothing. So, if you guys/ girls don't have any ideas, I'm going to have to spend about 3,000 bucks to Disc Savers to get my files. Does anybody have any ideas at all?

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a b D Laptop
a b G Storage
July 14, 2010 5:11:13 AM

BTW, the hard drive I'm having a problem with was the boot drive to a Vista operating system. The computer I'm using now is Windows 7.
a b G Storage
July 14, 2010 12:13:52 PM

My guess (as best I can tell over the 'net) is that the fall did damage it. You were lucky to get some data off it.

I would search this forum or the net for data recovery software, you may have some luck with that.