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S.S. Raid 0 with two 500gb F3's?

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July 14, 2010 6:01:31 AM

Wondering if anyone here has short-stroked a pair of 500gb F3s in Raid 0. I'm thinking a 100-150gb/f3 partition for the S.S.

Been looking for benchmarks but cant find any. Anyone know how this would fair against a 300gb Velociraptor (which is more than twice the price)?

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July 14, 2010 5:56:52 PM

Using these sites:

It appears that these two options compare in the following way,

Average Transfer rates
-Velociraptor: 105 mb/s
-S.S. Raid 0 F3s: 220 mb/s

Burst rate
-Velociraptor: 178 mb/s
-S.S. Raid 0 F3s: 194 mb/s

Access time
-Velociraptor: 7ms
-S.S. Raid 0 F3s: 10ms

The S.S. Raid 0 F3 benchmark was on a 250gb S.S. partition, and I plan on a 200gb so my access times will be slightly faster, maybe 9.5ms.

Note that the Velociraptor only wins out in access timings and storage space (with the 300gb version anyway). However, even the cost of one *150gb* Velociraptor is almost twice the price of two 500gb F3s. Also, if I get the F3's than I can afford to buy a third, 1tb f3 for storage. Or maybe get three f3s to S.S. in raid 0? lots of options here!