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I can't get any visual output out of my computer. I am thinking its the motherboard or processor.

I tested 2 different video cards as well as 2 different monitors so I pretty much deduced that it is not the video card nor the monitor.

I am going to leave it on for a while to see if the processor is generating heat (to possibly see if its getting power).

When I turn it on the DVD drives green light blinks.

The motherboard does not give a posting beep not any kind of diagnostic beat codes.

Could it be the motherboards PCI-Express 16x slot?

Any other ideas on why there would be no visual output?

JOe K.
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  1. SPECS:
    Gigabyte GA-PE35 DS3L
    2GB PC8500 Corsair Dominator (2GB are in the process of being RMA'd)
    Radeon HD3850
    The machine is not overclocked and everything is running at stock settings.

    It actually turned out to be the RAM. I replaced the RAM with Dimms from a different machine and it worked perfectly.

    I now have to RMA all 4 sticks of RAM. Do you think all 4 RAM sticks can be bad? I bought them in 2 separate batches about a year and a half ago, 2 dimms at a time. I bought 2 dimms and then 2 dimms 1 week later.

    I sent 2 of them in about a week ago to Corsair for an RMA replacement.

    The computer worked fine for this last week. Today I tried to take it out of sleep but it wouldn't. I restarted and the problem started.

    Do you think all four sticks of RAM are bad or do you think the motherboard could be corrupting or damaging the RAM?

    JOe K.
  2. Could a moderator move this question to the Motherboard and Memory section of the forum?

    The focus of the question has shifted.

    JOe K.
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