300W Power supply video card upgrade help

I currently have a Nvidia 8600 GT running in my system.
The power supply is 300 Watts, and I was checking out the label and it says
"12v1- 10A"
"12v2- 13A"
This video card is plugged into the PCI-E slot and there's no power cable going to it.

I've been trying to find a card to replace it, BUT, it seems everywhere I look, the power requirments are 400,450, etc, and then there's the debate that the requirements are way over-rated and you just need to have enough amperage, etc.

Anyone know for sure if I can upgrade this without replacing the PS ?
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  1. Amperage is the most important. The upgrade that may work, though I will let some of the other guys input, but look at a 4670 for a good upgrade. That is probably the best card you can grab without upgrading the power supply.
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