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Hello, I have a Xigmatek Dark Knight that I bought from the Egg about a month ago. Recently I noticed that there was some dried stuff on the top fin of the heatsink, so I rubbed it off with rubbing alcohol (91%) and wiped it with some lint-free cloth. However, when I looked at the heatsink about a week later, I noticed that there were multicolored patches of residue on the fin. I have tried water, 97% rubbing alcohol, and spit(lol) but the blotches come back after a few hours. Have I gone too far and messed up the black paint of the aluminum or can this be fixed? Thanks.
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    If you don't mind the blotches, leave them alone - if not, take the heatsink cooler out of the case, and spray the top fin with some flat black paint (automotive grade should be fine).

    Do not attempt to mask the components and then spray paint - it will be a mess!
  2. Alright thanks. Is this kind of paint available at Walmart? Or just any specialty car shop?
  3. Try NAPA, Pepboys, Kragen, Advance Auto, Autozone, Carquest, etc. - Walmart may not carry automotive grade paint. You need some temp resistance (ignore UV protection) in this instance.

    The biggest labor item will be the re-installation of the heatsink, with thermal compound (AS5).
  4. Alrights thanks for the tip. I'll go buy some paint now.
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