Nice AM2 overclocking motherboard to search for on e-bay

My nephew passed on to me a A64 X2 5000 2.6GHz AM2 CPU and 4x1GB sticks of ram to throw into a computer, and a friend is going to give me an old X1800GTO in a few weeks. This could be a nice upgrade for my 2nd gaming computer.

Anyone have some suggestions as to what AM2 motherboard to search for on e-bay. Obviously, I want to find a nice board for a cheap price.
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  1. Biostar TA770 A2+ SE AMD 770 Socket AM2+ MB

    This one has some nice reviews, but I can only find it new and for ~$80 and new. I guess I need to find a more popular board that is also a good board, so I can find a nice used one that does not kill me in terms of money.
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