Here is a good Price on Core I7 920 just bought 1

Hey all just wanted you all to know that I just purchased an Intel Core i7 CPU and picked it up at my local Store they have a few stores across the US.... Been shopping at Microcenter for a long time now and they have never let me down yet....

Core I7 920 for 229.99.... I unfortunately had to pay Pa sales tax but it still came out much cheaper then I have been able to find online... They have bundles of them in stock and their ram prices for DDR3 are pretty comparible....

Not a bad price for instant gradification... :wahoo:
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  1. You're a little late - Microcenter had a 1-day sale on the 1st of this month and had the 920 for $199.

    Aside from that, $229 is about the cheapest around, but if anyone is going to go in-store to pick one up - make sure you get the new D0 stepping (SLBEJ).

    As far as I know, are the only ones guaranteeing a D0, and they want $319.99 - plus, they're out of stock until the 14th.
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