Overcloking a ATI 4670 on a 305 Watt PSU

Would it be alright to overclock an ATI 4670 on a 305 Watt PSU on a Dell E510, my computer specs are on the bottom of this post. I want to make the GPU clock from 750MHZ to 778MHZ, and the Memory Clock from 1000MHz to 1140MHZ. Do you guys think that would be safe? Or should I leave it the way it is? Or maybe even go below the defaults speeds to be safe?

Also I was going to open another thread but I rather save space and put this question here. What is the Catalyst A.I. option. I looked up Catalyst A.I. However, I I could not find out what it does. Right now it is set on Standard but I could set it on Advanced. Which should I put it on, Standard or Advanced (for gaming performance).

3.00 P4 Prescott HT
305 PSU
MSI ATI 4670
Dell E510
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  1. That's really pushing it, but if you insist on raising the clock, go by small increments, to make sure it's stable enough to go higher. But if while doing this the power supply dies, you might risk damaging your components.
  2. Hmm
    47 watt video card
    <4 % overclock on the core
    14% overclock on the memory
    You're looking at maybe 9-10 watts more power, can't see it as being a problem.
  3. OCing the core provides a more significant performance difference than OCing the memory.
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