LG BH10LS30 Blu-Ray burner compatible with Mac Pro?


I'd like to put a Blu-Ray burner in my Mac Pro 3,1 (2008). LG says their BH08LS20 is compatible with Mac, but they don't have info(!) on the BH10LS30, it's not even on their Dutch site.

Anyone thied a BH10LS30 in a Mac Pro?

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    i bought mine from this site!

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  2. I'm sure the MCE BR burner is great but when you're not in the US you pay exorbitant postage rates in case your drive is DOA and you have to send it back (from the Netherlands in this case) .

    Then there are only very few Mac compatible Blu-Ray burners left..
  3. Even LG didn't know if he BH10LS30 was Mac Pro compatible so I ordered a BH08LS20, they send me a BH10LS30, I installed it anyway and.. well here you can read the rest. How to build a bluray burner in a Mac Pro.
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