Any recomendations for a good monitor?

In my new i7 build, I have the Sapphire OC 4890. I was thinking of getting the a 22" or 24" LCd monitor. I was looking into LG, Acer, and Asus. Any recomendations? Any other makers that Im overlooking? Are the 3D monitors that are popping up any good?
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  1. Out of that list only the LG is any good. But I personally don't like them because every one I have ever owned came to me with a dead pixel so now I don't use them. I am a ViewSonic fan. They are GREAT and have excellent value. I have the VX2260WM which is full HD in a 22" monitor with VGA, DVI, and HDMI. Any of the ViewSonic and Samsung monitors are good, but the ViewSonics are cheaper and just as good. I have been using ViewSonic for about 15 years now and been through CRTs and LCDs with no hassel whatsoever. You can't go wrong with the two birds.

    Here is my monitor.

    And here is a good 22" from Samsung.

    And a good 24" from ViewSonic.

    And finally a good 24" from Samsung.

    I have used both of the ViewSonics and love them to death. I've never owned the Samsung ones but I have friends who have so I have experience with them. Hope all this helps man.
  2. Viewsonic is good. I have the 19" VX922 which I will give to my wife. I saw Viewsonics new 120mhz 3d ready monitor. Thanx for the links.

    I forgot to mention in my original post: Only movie watching on my system.
  3. I'd go for the Dell Ultrasharp 2209WA. It uses an IPS panel, and as a result, has much better viewing angles and color than the TN panels used in most <$500 LCDs. It's an excellent price too.
  4. Single link and dual link DVI. Does this have anything to do with more than one monitor? If not, where do I find this info on the specs?

    I saw VS has a 3d monitor now. Is this the "go get item" for gamers or is it a waist?
  5. Dual link is only needed for >1920x1200 resolution. It has nothing to do with multiple monitors.
  6. if you like to watch movies alot,and also need a good response time +small input lag(2 frames) i suggest you get HP LP2475 for ~550$
  7. Nope, no movies. Just pure gaming :)

    (Forget the 3D monitors. I found some links on them and the reviews were less than stellar).

    Im basically looking for the monitors with the video card's sweet spot---22"-24" I saw a 24" LG monitor that looked nice. I had my eye on this one:
  8. cjl said:

    Yes, I have a Dell 2707 for the last 2 years and the color, response time, viewing angle, etc are all excellent. Color gamut >95% is what sold me at the time, since I used to do a lot of photo editing, etc.

    That model has been replaced by the 2709 which Dell recently had on sale, but probably too much $$ for the OP's budget.

    BTW, I've seen the 24" Samsung "touch of color" at the local Sam's Club in Woodbridge, VA for $279, which is about $120 less than the "sale price" of $399 that CompUSA has it for. Beautiful picture quality, at least on the in-store settings :). Personally, I'd get the 25.5" TV/Monitor for $449 at Sam's.
  9. Depending on your desk/chair situation, base adjustments may be a concern (usually overlooked). For my case, a haight adjustment is needed which most monitors don't have. The best LCD I ever had was a Dell Ultrasharp (as cjl likes too). Its solid, great picture, and good adjustments.
  10. I saw that the Dell monitor's response time was 5ms; the sweet spot for gaming is from 2ms-5ms? Lol, you can tell the password for today is: sweet spot! :)

    I was looking at LG, Viewsonic, and Asus.

    Basically, I dont look at the monitor on angles. If Im playing a game, Im right in front of the monitor. The desk it sits on, is a little higher than were the keyboard sits. With my present monitor, Ive never adjusted it.
  11. BenQ G2400WD is the best 24" gaming monitor.
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