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I'm in the middle of rebuilding my PC and am unsure which cooler unit to order. I'm pretty set on getting an AMD 955be but not sure on which motherboard I'll be getting yet. I have this case and am hoping I dont have to get a new one. I've already gotten a new power supply and a gtx470 for a good deal off newegg and I plan on doing a little overclocking on the cpu to probably around 3.6 or 3.8 ghz at the most.

What are some good coolers I should consider that might fit my case?
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  1. Unless you are trying for maximum overclocks, then almost any oem cooler will do. I like the large tower type coolers with a slow turning 120mm fan for quietness. Be careful to see that cooler reviews use the same fan and speed for comparisons; some just use the stock cooler. Here is a review that is applicable to you.
  2. what power supply did you get?
  3. It's wide so any 160mm tall 120mm fan unit will fit
    here's some good coolers keep in mind it's not up-to-date.
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