Really need a suggestion on build

I'm basically stuck between choosing an Intel or AMD upgrade, on a strict budget. All I'm going to need right now is a new mobo and cpu, ram I'm actually getting free with gift card. This will be for a home PC, on which I do a bit of everything including gaming, audio production and a little bit of photoshopping.

So instead of asking you to decide for me, tell me which you'd go with personally if you so had to on a budget. Please note, I'm not a Biostar loving person, but given the specs you'll see why I chose their Intel board over its budget counterparts (faster FSB, 1066 support). As for the AMD board I linked, I found a place that has it on sale and even Newegg doesn't have a comparible board for the price I can get it at.

So as you'll see, it's either; superior cpu, cheap mobo or inferior cpu, damn good mobo. Which of these would you go with or perhaps something else? I know there's also the e5200 but I'm not looking for heavy OCing, just slight.

Intel e7300 +
Biostar Tforce G31 board, specs found here


AMD 7750 be +
Biostar TA790gx, specs found here
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  1. For that budget I would definately go with AMD as you can later upgrade to the Phenom II which has shown to be mighty nice when overclocked
  2. If doing this upgrade for myself i'd go with the AMD7750 and the 790GX board. I also have to admit i've had great luck with Biostar motherboards, good overclocks and stable performance. If you do go Intel spend just a little more for a Gigabyte G31 mobo.
  3. So AMD then? That was my first plan until I read some benchmarks and saw the e7300 beating the 7750 by quite a bit, even when the AMD was OCed. But obviously the AMD mobo is much nicer than a cheap g31, I read about the sb750 chip being very good.

    Why would you go for the Gigabyte g31 though on an Intel build? It's actually $5 cheaper than the Biostar and has weaker specs. FSB limited to 1333 and only supports ram up to 800, while the other has what I mentioned above.
  4. The other Gigabyte board has a FSB of 1600.
    Although it's also limited to 4GB of RAM it usually overclocks to 3.0 easily with the E5200.
    Most of the reviews that i've seen on the AMD 7750 place it about equal to the E7200 and with it being able to use DDR2 1066 RAM and with ACC on the 790/SB750 boards it overclocks very well. I'd better recheck my reviews.
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