Intel X25V Value SATA SSD stops booting?

Hey Gang-- Had the SSD for 9 months on this system; all firmware is up-to-date and running on a Dell 490 with W7. Checked all connections and re-seated everything. Attempt to boot this a.m. and bios can't find drive (latest bio since SSD installed). System has a second drive (velociraptor) for data, primary drive only used for OS. Drive only held about 20GB and I've used the optimizer on a weekly basis. No changes to hardware in months. Please advise. TIA, V
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  1. Download ubuntu from, burn it and boot from it (cd). Now when booting click "Try Ubuntu without changing your computer" and see if you can detect your SSD from within Ubuntu linux. Click the Places menu, now click Home. On the left side, you should be able to click "..GB Filesystem" mountpoints; then you should see your C drive with Documents and Settings and Windows folders, etc.
  2. Thanks for the quick response. For some reason my sata 0 interface on the socket has gone bad. Moving the two drives to sata 1/ sata 2 fixed the problem for now.
  3. Alright, cheers! That's even easier. :)
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