I'm in a little over my head...

Ok, so I finally decided to man up and upgrade my computer. I'm happy with all the components and since they're all being delivered this week I can't really change them, except now I think I'm going to need a better case than the silly value one I bought to contain my current rig. The only problem is it can only be a MAXIMUM of 16" (400mm) high, and about 20" (510mm) deep if I want it to have a good 3 inches breathing room to... well... breathe. Could you suggest a decent case that fits these dimensions, as I've tried looking but find myself hopelessly lost. My budget is around £50 ($75) although I may be persuaded to go a little higher should the case prove worth it.

I'm doing this mainly because I've ordered a Phenom 9950 which, while I'm here I may as well also ask you about. Assuming I can find a half decent case, what do you reckon my chances of overclocking to about 2.8GHz with the stock cooler are? I'll list the specs of the computer I'm about to build below:

Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-DS2H
AMD Phenom 9950 Black Edition CPU 125 Watt Edition
4GB Kingston HyperX 1066GHz Ram
512MB HIS IceQ4 Radeon HD4850 GPU
650 Watt Alphapower PSU

Any help would be most appreciated, as I'm only an intermediate computer builder. This is only the second one I've built from scratch :P
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