Forboding Beeping Sound

I had a Hitachi 1tb HDD in an external enclosure. One day I was plugging it in, the disc spun up, but I could hear the stylus clicking and what I think is a beep error coming from the drive.

My first thought was it had failed. I have looked into data recovery, but I also heard you could switch out basic components and the drive would still be viable.

The bigger problem is I'm not sure what exactly is wrong with the drive. I've tried connecting it to several machines both through the external enclosure and through SATA connections.
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  1. the hdd works? or makes something like a very very low sound beeping?
  2. The beeping matches the stylus clicking. the stylus searches, clicks, the drive beeps (much like a motherboard does when you don't have a video card in) and the stylus goes back to the neutral position. then it seeks again. All the while not being recognized by any operating system.
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