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Hi guys,

here a question from my side...

I would like to build a new computer based on AMD Phenom II X3 720 CPU. The MOBO should have AM3 socket / DDR3. I am stuck with choosing the right chipset and I didn't find any comparison between AMD/nVidia.

So generally my question is: should I build the platform using a AMD chipset and Ati graphics or should I go for nVidia chipset and nVidia graphics. One thing I am sure of is not to mix AMD chipset with nVidia graphics or the other way arround.

I (from my side) am tending to go for an entire AMD rig (AMD CPU, AMD chipset, Ati graphics). As all of these are produced by AMD I guess they should work together like a charm but I newer had an AMD based MOBO before.

Any suggestions?
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  1. Presently the only AM3 motherboards I have seen are AMD/ATI chipsets. Also if you are using a single card it won't matter which chipset you get. Just don't expect to run SLI in an ATI board. I just would not mix the GFX cards ie.. no ATI and nVidia cards at the same time. (CCC, and nVidia CP don't play well together)
  2. You are right on the AM3 MOBO. It is kind of misleading on the ASUS site. If you go under Motherboards and click the menu on the left according to AM3 socket, you will get AM3 and AM2+ MOBO's.

    Ok...then I will go for AM2+ and DDR2 but I still don't know which will be a better performer in terms of stability / compatibility issues (I don't overclock my systems).

    Also there were some rumors that combining an nVidia chipset with nVidia graphic card or AMD / Ati you won't have much to worry and you will get the best in performance / stability.
  3. Look for ASUS, or Gigabyte. The ASUS M4N72-E is a good nVidia board, as is the M3N-HT (get a PII 940, for AM2+), as for AMD/ATI a 770, or 790** board would be the way to go.
  4. Whatever you get, dont get a 780 chipset. It has display issues, no matter which brand of mobo you go for. Google for it an you will see what I mean..

    I bought a ASUS 780G chipset mobo for my brother a few days ago (m3A h HDMI) I think. My screen would not turn on after I install windows(XP, Vista and 7). So, i RMAd it for a Gigabyte UD4H(790GX). Works like a charm.

    Later on I bought an ASUS M4A 78T-E(790GX) for myself. Works liek a charm,.........

    So, it doesnt matter what brand you go for, just dont go for 780 series chipset...
  5. I was just wondering???? How come that nVidia didn't come up with AM3 and DDR3 supporting chipset??? I have just read somewhere on the Internet that AMD was first to have qualified drivers for Win 7...and I thought....Not bad!
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