Will my PSu do the job? Plz advise

Hallo is the GIGABYTE ODIN 585W 24-Pin Power Supply enough to run the Leadtek GeForce GTX260 Core216,896Mb? Im thinking of buying the GTX 260.

My current pc specs are:
Intel Core2duo CPU 6700 2.66GHz
4 gb ram ddr800
NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512mb
Intel Westchester Board
3 hard drives
585W PSU

My PC is runnig fine as it is now. No Problems.
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  1. Can't find any info on the 585 watt model, I would think it should be fine for a 260.
    I've got a 550 watt Odin GT coming in the next day or 2 , with intent to put it in the machine in my sig. It's a bit of a downgrade from my Corsair 620, but something to play with since it has the software and sensors for temps, fan speeds and power use.
  2. Easily
  3. Thanx. uhm. I notice that the 260 card has place at the back for 2 power connectors and my current 8800 has only 1 connector and so does my power supply, cant i use some sort of plug to convert so that i have an extra power cable for the 260 card?
  4. Like I said , I couldn't find any info on the 585 watt Gigabyte, the 550 watt that I'm waiting on includes 2 pcie connectors.
    Power adapters usually come in the box with the card, so that shouldn't be a problem, if you have a couple of free molex connectors on the psu.
    Can you list the +12v output of your psu ?
  5. Uhm i think i've only one rail wich go into the craphics card.

    This is the Info on my PSU. I Hope you understand this?
    Im sorry for asking all this questions, but when it comes to Power Supply's im a bit stupid.

    DC OUTPUT: +3.3V | +5V +12V1 | +12V2 +12V | +5Vsb

    Max output current: 30A | 30A 16A | 18A 0.5A | 2.5A


    Max combined watt:
    152W 408W 18.5W

    Peak watt: ---- 585W
  6. Damm that was not how it was supposed to be displayed. It was supposed to be in a colum. This is gona be so useless to you. Im sorry.
  7. 34 amps on the 12v rail. Don't worry we can read it.
    BTW 34 amps is a lot. Enough for your 8800GT.
  9. Zoid said:
    Damm that was not how it was supposed to be displayed. It was supposed to be in a colum. This is gona be so useless to you. Im sorry.

    As romulus said, we can read it. ( romulus, slow down a little buddy )
    34 amps should be enough for your configuration including a new GTX260.
    I received and installed the 550 watt (41 amp) Gigabyte power supply into the overclocked machine in my sig, and have been messing with the included Power Tuner software for a couple of days.
    According to it my machine's peak power draw ( running Orthos and Furmark ) is 345 watts, not all of that is 12v power and if it was , would be about 29 amps.
    All you can do is give it a go, if it doesn't work ( I think it will ) you'll need to upgrade the psu.
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