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What I want to know is simple...if I do a RAID or JBOD (or similar), RAID would be 0, which would make say a 10 GB and 20 GB HDD's be 30 GB together, and use them as one drive...would I be able to then install Linux on it, and use it as a platform to build OS's/Browser's or even as a larger web hosting platform or as a larger (in this case) 30 GB as like a hard drive that could mimic flash drives (in that, data could be stored on them, then removed from machine, and re-connected later or moved to a different machine?) clue really how (haven't read anything) on how to install RAID or JBOD, but, once they are installed, you can't remove one disk or neither will work, but can you remove the RAID/JBOD from the disks later on, and have them act as independent drives (in my example, like a 10 and 20 GB respectively)?

And...a third bit...if I use RAID/JBOD, and have 3 or more drives, but only want 2 of them as RAID/JBOD, is that possible? Or do all of them need to be connected?
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  1. When using Disk Striping, A.K.A Raid 0 the capacity of all disks becomes 1.
    The pro of this is fast write speed. But, if you lose just one disk you lose all the data. Be cause the data is written along all the disks.
    This would make Hot swapping not an option. If you used Raid 5 you would have 3 disks but one is used for parity so if you lose a disk the left over disk can propagate the missing info.

    Hot-swapping is possible with raid 5. But, you cannot transfer them to a computer in hopes of data transfer.

    What you can do is Raid 0 2 disks, then let the remaining disk be a media disk on your system, so that you can store important files and such on it.

    It is also possible to purchase an en-closer and make the 3rd disk an external disk. Or you can save up $30+ and purchase an External Hard drive of your own and just do that.
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