Recommended casing for Corsair H50?

Hi, I am going to build a gaming rig. In terms of cooling, I am deciding to go Corsair H50. However, when Corsair H50 push/pull config comes into play, the correct casing is important. Any recommendation for casing that complement H50?

I am actually considering Lian Li K60, not sure if it works well with H50.

Any recommendations or advise?

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  1. The CM 690II Basic or Advanced are designed specifically with watercooling provisions.
  2. Awesome! Thanks for the tips Davcon.
  3. Ordinarily I'd agree that a case that has provisions for water cooling would be good for a standard water cooling system, the H50 doesn't qualify.

    All you need is a 120mm fan slot in the back and a good exhaust fan up top. Because it's important that the 120mm fan the H50 uses, is drawing air in from the outside of the case. So the standard rear exhaust fan will be reversed into an intake. Which leaves the top mounted big fan to exhaust that heat.

    The Antec 900, 902 and 1200 are all good for this, as well as any other case with a top mounted exhaust fan.
  4. NOT an Antec P193, the push/pull intrudes on the side fan mounting
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