E210882 Manual?

A friend recently bought a motherboard from a surplus shop for some OC experimentation. It was repackaged in a non-descript box, with absolutely nothing else inside, but cost only $25. Now however, my friend wants to check out the technical documentation, and neither he nor I have found a soft copy of the manual online!

Anyone know where I can find one?

EDIT: Oops, the only clue we have is "Intel E210882" on the actual motherboard itself. searches at Intel's website have proven fruitless.
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  1. Google suggests it's a 865GV, which is for S478 P4/Netburst processors.
    What do you need the manual for? Power, reset, LED...etc. pinout? (Normally printed on the PCB)

    You can try SoftFSB to overclock it. To change vcore you probably have to use pin mod as BIOS setting related to overclocking will most likely be non-existent.
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