Wifi reapeter, wireless isp etc?

ok so i have a wifi antenna on my computer i am picking up a signal with but i have other devices that cant pick up the signal because they are too far or too weak to pick it up, so i bought a wireless g ap4 , now it has the options of setting it up a few different ways and i am not sure what i need to do my goal is to get the signal my computer is picking up and send it to my other devices.
here are the setup methods it offers:
router access point/ the it says in the unlikely event you need to use it as a repeater enter the Mac addresses of access points you are communicating with.
^is the above what i need to extend the wireless access point signal i am receiving?

then it has the option of setting up a wireless isp which i think may work but i dont know if this would strengthen my connection and it may be too weak still for my devices to work well.
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  1. You can chain separate wireless routers if both models support WDS (wireless distribution) and this will improve your reach.

    Download the full user manual(s) from the manufacturer website(s).
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