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I have a problem with a old system that I am trying to make it work.
The only specs i know from looking at it is:
Asrock motherboard
2 sticks of ram, 128mb and 512mb ddr1
AMD Duron Processor
No name power supply
My problem is that I cant connect all the hard disks and the DVD-Writer together.
The board has two slots for IDE cables, sorry if I am not correct, and each cable has two ends, I connected the 2 ends to the first two hard disk's and at the second cable if i connect only the hdd or the dvd-writer it will show in the bios, but if I connect both of them none will be shown in the bios
What is the cause of this ?
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  1. You may need to connect one as the master and the other as the slave.. Refer to the pin configurations at the back of the drives near the place where you connect the power and the IDE cables.. Between the two junctions, you'll see the config pins..


    Refer to the settings regarding those pins (generally given at the top of the drive).. Connect on drive as master and the other as slave.. It just might work..
  2. Thanks very much!!! That did the trick.
  3. That's good news.. Happy to be of help..
  4. EVERY IDE port / cable MUST have a Master device (set by its jumpers) to be used, and it ought to be connected to the END of the cable. IF you add a second device to one cable, it then MUST be the Slave (also by jumpers) and ought to be on the middle connector. If a port / cable has a hard drive and an optical drive, it is recommended that the hard drive be the Master on that port, and the optical be the Slave.
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