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Bought an Acer on line from BJ's. Has Windows Vista, Device manager does not shoe dvd/cd-rom. Called Acer, they rebooted by phone. Now I still don't have drives and It doesn't recognize my printer disc.
This has been going on for 2 months back and forth with Acer, now they tell me to try back in 5 days for a recovery disc because they are all out?
What can I do? Please HELP!!!!
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  1. Did you check to see if the DVD drive had the power and data cables firmly attached?
    Does the DVD drive have a wide flat data cable (IDE) or a thin one (SATA)?

    Take the data cable off the drive (with the PC off). Reboot the system and turn it back off. Now re-attach the data cable and reboot the system and if Windows can find some "new hardware".
  2. Also, get into the bios before windows loads and check to make sure the sata ports are enabled
  3. Forgot to mention checking to see the DVD data cable was firmly attached to the motherboard.

    You could also try plugging that data cable into of of the other open ports.
  4. Make sure the connection is good and if Windows still doesn't find it... see if there is a Windows Update to fix your problem and if it STILL doesn't recognize then you need to reinstall.
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