Case that looks like Silverstone Raven RV01?

I love the transformer/stealth bomber looks of the Raven RV01, but it's rather expensive and I'm not sure if I could put together and 90 degree motherboard. So I was wondering are there any other cases out there that look like the RV01? preferably with a side window too?
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  1. It is not a very good case. Has all sorts of problems and design flaws. Here's a link to a technical review over at Bit-Tech:

    A copy of the case would be just as bad.
  2. The case is not nearly as bad as people say. The cooling performance is phenomenal considering the low DBA it produces. However, wait until the next revision comes out, the RV01 is a bit too over-the-top and does have a few design problems, but as much as people say.

    These cases are similar to the look you are going for:
  3. well the antec 1200 and 902 have kinda the same angular design thing going. or you can check cases by nzxt. This one in particular seems the most similiar

    NZXT makes good cases i've built a few systems with them before.
  4. Hot air rises; cold air falls. This is the reason why chimney smoke
    goes UP.

    You can achieve the same "stack" effect with a much less expensive
    Cooler Master CM 690, or the more expensive HAF-932:

    We've built PCs with both cases, and they are superb:
    both top and bottom panels have fan grills, and
    both allow the PSU to be mounted at the bottom rear.

    The HAF-932 also supports 2 x PSUs.

  5. Which would you suggest?

    -CM Storm Sniper
    -CM HAF 932

    I'm looking for
    #1: cool looks
    #2: smaller overall exterior
    #3: roomy interior for GPUs and CPU coolers
    #4: Sturdiness
  6. terminus - Neither case has a small overall exterior. Bother cases are huge and they're wider than standard cases.
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