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I noticed this deal on Newegg today for the Cosmos 1000:

I had been looking at this case for a while as something I might use in my next build later this year(a watercooled i7), but considering the price, I'm thinking of just buying it now and putting my current air cooled e6600 rig in there since my current case is a piece of crap.

What I'm looking for is a good balance of silence and cooling, with an emphasis on silence, which I think this case will do nicely. However, I'd like to get your opinions if you think there is something better in this price range for a full ATX or a large mid ATX for ~$100-150 that meets those criteria....and, oh LEDs.

I'm thinking of buying this today or tomorrow, before the deal expires, so any prompt responses will be appreciated.

Thank you,

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  1. Every once in a while someone will recommend the Cosmo 1000. I don't think I've read anything negative at this forum. It doesn't appear to be as popular as some of the other cases that are recommended here.

    The CoolerMaster HAF 932 has a lot of flexibility built into it and watercooling is an option:

    The CoolerMaster Storm Sniper is another large case with watercooling as an option:

    I don't know anything about water cooling so I don't know how appropriate the two cases are for water cooled systems.
  2. The HAF has a built in reservoir for water cooling. The added space with this case is a big plus, specially when trying to set up water cooling.

    +1 for the HAF
  3. Those were both cases I had looked at. I discounted the HAF because it has LEDs and I want something that doesn't light up. The storm is somewhat tempting, but decided against it for the cleaner look and sound absorbant material of the Cosmos 1000. Also, I believe the Sniper is sort of an open mesh design, right? So would that let all the fan and hdd noise escape more easily?

    Thanks for the suggestions, please keep them coming. Also, can anyone speak to how well the cosmos 1000 cools? I heard its pretty good, but I'd like some confirmation from an actual user.

    Thanks again.

  4. I got the cosmos with a i7 920 3.6 6G DDR3, and 5 hard drives, and a 4870. It is whisper quiet. It has noise dapening foam on all of the panels. Here is a old pic of mine. tons of room.

    This case is beatiful, but it is Ginormous. It weighs 55LBs as it is right now.

    Comparison pic:
  5. Thanks for the info, daship. Its weight isn't a concern to me as it won't be moving, and thats good to have a confirmation on it being quiet, but how do the temps compare? I don't need specifics, just subjectively, does it do a good/decent job of keeping its components cool?
  6. I recon since it lets me run my I7 3.6 on stock cooler ya it cools nicely. I have had 0 temp issues.
  7. Again, thanks. Thats good to know. Anyone else got any input before I pull the trigger?

  8. Nice cable management daship. Is the black cooler fan at the bottom of the case stock or an add on?
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