3:10 FSB:DRAM Ratio

Hi Guys,

Just been having an "introductory go" at overclocking my Athlon ii x3 435.

I'm using an Asus m4785gtd-v Mobo (with latest Bios).

I went into the Bios and changed the FSB from 200mhz to 220mhz x 14.5 (locked mulitiplier).

All is running smoothly (as expected, being a small, first time OC!) but after checking CPU-Z i noticed the FSB:DRAM ratio is 3:10.

I'm always reading about 1:1 ratios etc but to be honest i'm learning at the moment and tightening my RAM timings etc isn't something I want to dive into without some more time invested in research.

Is it anything to worry about?

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  1. Should be FSB: DRAM ratio is 3:10...Not a smiley!
  2. A desirable 1:1 ram ratio is, afaik, a relic of earlier times. Your memory multiplier and ram timings are totally different settings, btw. Multipler*FSB = memory speed. Timings are independent of your actual memory speed, though how tight one can get the timings is relative to memory speed only in that improving either of them may require extra voltage and extensive stability testing.

    I assume you are using 1333mhz DDR3 (as that would be (10/3*200)*2) so any % increase in FSB (200 to 220 = 10%) will be replicated in your memory (1333*1.10=1466mhz). If you are experiencing any stability issues, a drop in memory multiplier to lower actual speed, or an increase in volts (within manufacturer specs) may be needed.
  3. Thanks for the reply.

    As I say, everything is running smoothly at 3.2ghz. As you said my DDR3 is indeed 1333 (now running at 1466).

    I guess OC'in can be overcomplicated by reading too much into it!

    I shall no longer be overly concerned by ratio, but instead focus on the performance and stability! Obvious really lol.
  4. even i hav the same problem i.e my FSB :DRAM ratio is 3:10
    i havent overclocked my cpu or my ram
    i want it to be 1:1
    what are your suggestions??
    i wud b overclocking my cpu in a months time bt it wud b my first time
    so can u please guide me through in a stepwise procedure ??

    Thank You

    - NIKHIL -
  5. Check out the Amd overclocking guide at the top of the overclocking section for a start Vangya,
    @cosmiconion, have you tried unlocking the fourth core? any luck?
    you will see a decent hitch up in performance from an extra core over any clocking but given decent cooling you could see 3.5GHz on that chip with four cores if you are lucky,
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