Please Check a 17year old kid's system build!!!

uhhmmmmm... anyone is welcome to correct me since I'm only an advanced beginner, I'm only 17 yrs old!!

I'm planning on buying my own system, I want some of my old parts to fit in the new one, so please check if I'm doing fine at building my own.

I currently have
Case with 600W PSU(dunno the details about my case, but I'm pretty sure it would fit 6(^_^))
Intel Pentium D 805 "SmithField" Socket 775 90nm 1.36V with stock heatsink
MSI NX6600LE 128MB PCIe x16
1 x 80GB PATA Seagate HDD
1 x CDVD Burner
1 x 80mm side panel ehaust fan
1 x 800mm rear panel exhaust fan

I'm planning on buying
MSI P43 Neo3-F LGA 775 Intel P43 ATX MSI Motherboard

(please look at the details at "")

2 x 2GB Kingston DDR2 667Mhz kit (4 sticks, total of 4GB)
1 x 140mm Fan (at the front side of the case)
1 x LGA 775 Asus Heatsink (I forgot the heatsink's name, but it's Asus, so I guess it's quality could be trusted)
1 x 80GB SataII (3GB/s)

1.) Is my cooling system Okay? I personally think my computer should have negative pressure, right? (negative pressure which means more air is going out instead of going in through the fans)

2.) Uhhmmm... about the new motherboard, the way I look at it, I think the northbridge chip already has a good heatsink, should I buy a new heatsink to replace it?? or is it good enough??

3.) Do I have to put a heatsink at the southbridge chip too??

4.) The DDR2 667Mhz Rams, Do I need to put Ram Heatsinks on them??

I'm very concerned about the computer temperature, since it's hot here in Philippines. ^_^

5.) So that yellow port on the right side of the picture of my motherboard, what is it??

There's no ATA port!!
so I guess I'll be forced to buy a new SataII 80GB HDD... phew!!!

6.) Uhhmmm.. is 600 Watts PSU enough?? or should I get 800 W?? or I'm thinking maybe I should test the temperature of the whole system in idle and full load before changing it.

Thanks in Advance to everyone who'd help me!! ^_^
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  1. Do you have a budget your trying to stay under? What are your intended purposes of this PC? Gaming, surfing web, text editing?

    I also see that you do not have a graphics card? This board does not have onboard vidoe.

    To answer a few of your other questions, a psu is not determined how good it is by its wattage. Its by its quality. So the band and model is important to determining what type of PSU you should get.

    Most likely your stock cooler for your cpu and the ram kit will be fine. Even though the abuient tempature is very warm in the phillipenses, the heat sinks won't make the air tempature around them "cooler." All they can do is help spread the heat out, so there's more surface area to dispate heat.
  2. oh, I have a video card, NX660LE 128MB PCIe 16x.
    I have a budget 16000 pesos(It's approximately 320 U.S. dollar)
    but if this motherboard doesn't have an onboard video, I wouldn't be able to use dual monitor!!! T_T hmmmmm.....
    have to find another board. I alotted 100$ for the board, so I'm having a hard time choosing the best board I could get with it.

    MSI G965M-F Socket 775 Motherboard
    I found a match for my processor, but it doesn't say it supports EM64T, bhough it says Pentium D 533Mhz FSB, would it work?!!! it has an onboard video, so I can use two monitors!!!
    IDE HDD isn't bootable, which means I can't install Windows XP on a PATA HDD, but can I use IDE DVD-rom to install Windows XP Pro on SATAII HDD?? i'm kinda worried, because I don't have SATA DVD-Rom.

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