Disc sudden Empty?

does anyone experience this? i made a backup disc of Windows 7 installer on ordinary DVD blank empty disc its stable without problem and today i inserted to the same DVD-Rom before were i use to born it but its now showing Empty?! i didn't format the disc or anything its just i haven't use it for 2months, but my dvd-rom is working very well if i use other dvd disc
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  1. You can't burn discs using A DVD-ROM

    DVD-Rom can only be used for reading DVDs, And old CD discs.

    What you need is a DVD-RW or DVD-Writer Drive.

    Also, you can only make copies of install discs for personal reasons like if you misplaced the disc.
    Just thought I would say that.

    I recommend using Alcohol 120% to burn it.
    Or you can use PowerISO to rip it then use CDburnerXP to burn it.
    But, it's up to you, search around for something that may suite you.
  2. erm my DVD-ROM is DVD-RW/DVD-Writer what i mean here is i have Windows 7 original disc and i made a backup copy for it and successful am using that backup Windows 7 but about 2 months later when i use it again the backup disc is now showing blank?! and i didn't even touch or format the DVD and the DVD is not even Re-Writable or DVD-R it was like the DVD its self has a ghost file? lol
  3. It is possible that the burn got corrupted.
    Here use this http://www.piriform.com/recuva
    see if you can find any file traces on the disc.

    If there are traces, it got corrupted, and you will have to re-burn it.
    If there is nothing on the disk, a monster of some kind ate the data, and you will have to re-burn.

    I think you can get copies of the discs from Microsofts downloads website.
  4. yeah thats one another odd theory i actually experience 4x from now my other backup game showing blank and when were the data goes? - no clue specially the disc is not Writable?? its making no sense
  5. Try to burn something new on one of the mystery discs. If you can, then the disc is empty and was never burned and finalized. If your software says the disc is full, insert an empty disc, then some form of corruption is going on. Perhaps you are storing the recorded discs in a bad place? Try burning something other than an image or data (music, video or whatever) and see if it makes a difference to the retention.
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