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Ok so im getting me a new monitor and i was thinking of 24inch - 28inches but Im worried that the bigger the monitor the less fps im gona get.. should I get me a 4870 512mb or a 4850 1GB? if anyone has monitors this big can anyone tell me if the graphics are still good??
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  1. Inches are not important, resolution is. Check the GPU charts and see how each performs at its (your new monitor) native resolution. I'm guessing the 4870 would be better, despite having less memory (512 v. 1024 but DDR3 v. DDR5). The 4870 1GB might be your best bet, if you can swing it. I think they can be had for $20-$40 more than a 4870 512.
  2. There is only a £20.00 premium on a 512Mb or 1Gb 4870. Wait a couple of weeks to save up a bit more and get the 48701Gb. At those resolutions 512Mb just isnb't enough....
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