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ok i have connected my gforce 6600 to the tv and it works fine except for the flickering which is very annoying at playing games, i forced vsync with nvidia control panel and rivatuner but it just doesnt work. also, both the pc monitor and the tv start to flick when displaying at the same time (via nView clone), but the monitor alone allow vsync fine.

anyone know what is causing this? i use an adapter s-video-RCA. windows xp. 181.22 forceware.

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  1. check your refresh rate on the monitor. tv's can only do 60hz so if your monitor is higher you need to change it to 60hz.
  2. i checked and it is at 60hz, when i try to change it to anything else the monitor goes black, like at standby (it is an old 13.8 crt by the way).
  3. hmm, well it should work if they both are running at 60hz. i dont know much about dual display's so hopefully someone with a little more knowledge will be able to help more than i could.
  4. yeah thanks buddy

    i also tried setting the display to tv-only because i read that nView clone may cause some problems but it didnt work
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