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Hi all,
I just recently bought a new rig without buying an aftermarket cpu fan, and am now looking to buy one. Im running a phenom II 965 on an MSI 890fxa-gd70 with 4gigs of OCZ special ops ddr3 1600 ram (currently running at 1333). The stock fan that came with my cpu quite frankly sucks, but I suppose that is to be expected. It keeps my temps ok but the thing is ridiculously loud. I don't know if its a bad fan or what, but I was running an opteron processor in my old rig and the stock fan that came with that chip was awesome, was quiet and cool. Wasnt looking to overclock that old rig however, so the stock fan stayed. Combined with the noise of my current fan, and the fact that I wanna overclock my new rig a bit (at least to get my ram speeds up to 1600, and Id like to see what I can get out of the phenom as well), I am in the market for an aftermarket cpu fan.

Im in a mid tower right now, so I hope the size issue isnt a problem. I always go with zalman when I build rigs for other people, but I've never actually bought a cooler for my own use, and none of the other rigs ive built were meant for overclocking at all. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a good aftermarket cooler. Of course I've been looking at zalmans, here are the ones I was considering:

My motherboard cpu fan connection is 4-pin, so I was also wondering if I can get an aftermarket fan with a 4-pin connector for dynamic fan speed control. It looked like on newegg people were saying the zalmans were 3-pin connectors, so the fan speed control has to be dealt with some other way.

Would love any other suggestions. Thanks!
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    This Hyper 212+ the same cooler that BeCoolBro recommended but with a fewer price.
  2. saint19 said:

    This Hyper 212+ the same cooler that BeCoolBro recommended but with a fewer price.

    Thanks saint,I hadn't noticed its price in Newegg.
  3. Is micro center a reputable business? How can their price for that coolermaster be so much lower than every other website I can find?
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  5. Yeah it's reputable I bought my Hyper 212+ from there without problems.
  6. Micro Center is pretty legit, but I don't shop there often. They usually don't beat newegg. I'll be stopping by their store on the way home from work though tot pick up a scythe mugen 2, because newegg is only $2 cheaper after shipping. I think of it as a $2 premium for same day shipping and arrival.
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