Upgrade burner or software?

In need of new DVD burner software. My old Sony DRU-540A DVD+/-RW still works, but I only have the software that came with the drive (Nero 6 suite).
The question is should I just buy new software or a new drive that comes with software?

1) Cost: Already way over budget :( on new parts and Win7 (64-bit).
2) Primary Use: Backing up data files from networked computers.
3) Secondary Use: Blu-ray would be nice :sol: , but not a requirement. If I do not get it now, I may just buy an external to share with other desktops/laptops after Christmas.
4) Noise: I do a lot of the work at night while the family is sleeping. Loud drives also annoy me if they constantly rev-up. The less I hear it, the better.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Windows 7 has built in dvd burning capability as standard, there are free burning programs available, Google "free burning software" to find choices.
    No need to spend more now, wait until you know what you want, sometimes it's cheaper to buy a new drive with software then the software itself.
  2. Thanks Jonmor68,

    I've tried burning two data disks (1 w/ files only and 1 .iso) with Win7, but failed several times. The disks are ejected with the error messages:

    "The disc image didn't burn successfully because an error occurred. (Error code: 0x80004005)"
    "There was an error burning this disc. The disc might no longer be usable"

    I was able to use the unused disks on another machine and streamed the data over the network. I will look for the free software online. If it still fails, I will have to buy a new drive and use the current one as a read only.
  3. Have a look at Koyotesoft's burner program which is user friendly and reliable. Ashampoo Lite works -- though I had problems with an older version of the normal Ashampoo. Both support networking and are free.

    Mind, you chances are your drive's on the fritz -- with heavy use they can last as little as 18months. I've had good luck with Pioneer DVD writers.
  4. Nero works fine. We use that at my work for backing up data files.

    Ashampoo is pretty good, and free.

    If you want to burn an .ISO, try ImgBurn.
  5. Thank you, aford10 and fihart,

    I decided to try ImgBurn and got the drive working again. I wish I could give the best answer to both of you. When I decide to add Blu-Ray to my system, I will be sure to look for your responses.

    Thanks again.
  6. Glad it worked. Thanks for the update.
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