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hey guys, alright heres my set up, i have a antec 1200 case with a i7 980x, 2 ati radeon 4gb 5970 video cards, 12 gb of ram, rampage 3 exterme mother board. my question is do you recommend and diff heatsink cooler on the i7 980x , or should i be fine with the stock one it comes with? thanks
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  1. The stock cooler should keep it at acceptable temps, assuming you're not overclocking. Assuming your temperatures aren't too high (which they shouldn't be, as your case should provide very good air flow), it should do you fine.
  2. oh ok thanks , im gonna start oc not sure how much but i wanna do a little, since i can with what im getting
  3. Well even the stock heatsink should give you a bit of room to overclock. If you're unsure just download CoreTemp or similar, and post your temps. :)
  4. oh ok cool, is there a sure thing that makes it cooler no matter what?
  5. http://www.supremelaw.org/systems/heatsinks/warning.htm


    As a general rule, Intel's heatsink and matching fan are
    quite adequate, from an engineering point of view.

    It's the stupid push-pins that Intel should have abandoned
    many years ago.

    The bolt-thru kit above should work fine; just remember
    to install it and the CPU before installing the motherboard
    in your chassis.

    UPDATE: oops! my mistake: apparently there is a new
    HSF for that CPU. See photos here:


    So, Intel finally has done away with their stupid push-pins,
    at least on this model CPU.

    Nice video here with instructions for installing this new HSF:


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