RAM 5-5-5-18 4 Overclock?

with all said and done with my overclock.
my memory is corsair twin2x4096-6400c5 (6400) 800mhz 1.9 volts on website but 1.8 on chip its self with 5-5-5-18 timings.

question is will i see more performance as is or lowing the timings? and if so and sugestions?

overclock is 1333 fsb x 9 multiplier 1.325v and small bump on other volts.
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  1. If you just want to see higher pointless synthetic benchmark numbers then upping memory freq. (and thereby breaking from 1:1) will help. It will not affect gaming performance at all, not a single bit.

    Your particular RAM is capable of up to around 440Mhz (880DDR) @5-5-5 2.1V.
    You can make more efficient use of that RAM by dropping your multiplier to 8x and increase FSB to at least 400Mhz (1600QDR) while keeping 1:1. 400x8=3.2Ghz
  2. Lowering the timings from 5-5-5-18 to 4-4-4-12 (if you can) will give you about a 3% increase in memory i/o with no other real world effect.
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