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I'm having a big issue here and your help will be highly appreciated!

I just built my rig with a GIGABYTE MA790GP-UD4H motherboard. There was obvious buzz noises from the speaker whenever the system playback sound (no matter what system sound, music, movie or games). I'm sure it's not the speaker's problem as it's completely quiet when nothing is played and it works fine on my laptop.

So I thought it was the issue of the motherboard's onboard card. Then I purchased a Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 USB card, installed drivers and the problem still exists.

This really surprise me as the Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 is connected through USB and is far away from the case so I assume none of the PSU, video card and other signal would influcence the card? Since the USB card doesn't solve the issue, i think it's probably the problem of the motherboard?

I'm using Windows 7 RC and installed Creative's Windows 7 Beta driver.

This is driving me crazy. Please kindly help!!!
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  1. I don't have a solution to this, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm having a similar issue. I get static/hiss and unlistenable audio from the board. I was going to try an add on soundcard - glad I didn't now that I read your post. The worst part is, I actually had perfectly fine sound for about three days and then it just stopped working [and started with the hiss/static thing.]

    I get the same problem in Windows 7 RC1 and Ubuntu 9.04, so I don't think it's the OS's fault. I guess I need to take the rig apart and bring the mobo back to Fry's for an exchange. I should have known something was up when I saw the amount of open box specials they had on this board.

    If I find a "solution" other than swapping the board out, I will be sure to post and let you know.
  2. Billy,

    I actually got this problem solved (after many hours of error & trial!!!)
    I finally found it's the problem of the MB's driver. I uninstalled the Easy Tune and Energy Saver (basically all the drivers of the MB) and the hiss is gone. Hope this could be helpful to you...
  3. shawshank -

    Thanks for the tip. It must be that I've got a bad mobo. Amazingly, when I uninstalled EasyTune and the rest of the junkware that came with the mobo and restarted, the sound worked just fine. For about 5 minutes. Then it turned back to just being an ugly hiss.

    It seems obvious that my case must be a bad board, but if anyone else happens to have had this problem and it was a setting, please let me know.
  4. Easytune produces a noise in sound (I use the SPDIF output) each time it refreshes its display (you can see it's synchonized). In fact, it seems to block some hardware a small time and the hardware tries to recover by emitting an accelated version of the missing sound. This is why it's related to the played music. For me it's a real bug and it took a while before I found the problem.
    I removed it even if iy's useful to check the processor temperature. Perhaps an other version is working, but I finally gave up.

  5. First thing - uninstall EasyTune and EnergySaver - they are buggy POCs - but the disk they're on makes a fine beer coaster!

    Next - DL the DPC latency check tool here:
    to see if some creepware has taken over your system... Well known violators are the services iTunes installs, Roxio, some pieces of Nero, SlySoft AnyDVD, and on, and on, and on...

    To limit your startup programs, get a copy of QuickStartup from GlarySoft here:

    Next, if you have insulating washers on your standoffs - remove them. The mount points are also ground points, and important to proper functioning. Also, never hurts to ground your PSU with a jumper to be sure of getting a good case ground - the mounting screws should do it, but don't always...

    Next, make sure that your computer, and your sound system share a ground - buzzing noises are usually 'ground loops' - best way is to plug both their AC plugs into the same surge protector; your ground pins on your wall outlets may not actually be connected to each other from outlet to outlet - depends upon how old your wiring is, and how sloppy your electrician was...
  6. I recently built a machine using the Gigabyte EP45-UD3P motherboard. It does the identical thing some of the time on start up after post. When the speaker does buzz, it stops after about 4 seconds.

    It did the same thing with and without a Soundblaster Xtreme Gamer sound card. I am now running without the sound card due to other problems the sound card created.

    After this power up annoyance, the machine works great.

    I did not use insulating washers on the standoffs.

    Please advise if you have come across a solution to this problem.

  7. Only thing I can think of:
    get the latest BIOS loaded (this only works on the newer BIOS - was added sometime last year...); do a <CTRL><F1> at the main BIOS screen, then go to "PnP/PCI Configurations" page (which is otherwise useless...), see if you have a new 'PCI timing' or 'PCI delay' item - if you do, bump it from 32 (default) to 64; save, exit, reboot - see if boot-time PCI initialization goes better for your sound setup...
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