Why is HD video lagging on Youtube?

I can't watch HD videos on youtube without a considerable amount of video lag.

My PC:
AMD X2 5000+ 3.10GHz OC
2c 8800GT SLI

Why the hell is the video lagging for me? Is it just youtube itself?
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  1. Depends on your internet connection above all else.
  2. Well I have Cox high speed internet, HD videos on Vimeo play just fine.
  3. as Randmonizer said, its mostly dependant on your internet connection.

    When you are watching yourtube hd and its lagging, go to www.speedtest.net and check your connection speed.

    A lot of internet connections these days are sold as (for example) 8 megabit but are actually rate adaptive. I.e. it will give your the fastest connection it can up to a maximum speed of 8 megabit. All this depends on other network traffic. If all your neighbours are also online it will suck up the available bandwidth on your exchange.
  4. I pay for a 24Mbps ADSL2+ connection and rarely get over 8Mbps, usually 6-8Mbps. What you pay for means nothing ;)
  5. I have Internet Service with Cox Cable. I read the fine print. It clearly states it will provide the claimed data transmission rate if it is available. Most of the time it is not available.
  6. so about 1.165 MB/s, it's not enough to stream HD video since HD video is normally 1.5MB/s.

    It gets even worse when you look at Blu-Ray MB/s.
  7. Are you talking about 1080p HD or 720p? I think youtube only goes to 720p.
  8. It doesn't depend on the internet-speed! What the heck?
    My computer also lags in playback WHEN IT'S DONE DOWNLOADING, so...
    I always wait when it's done loading, or it will stutter around anyway, which isn't nice to look at.
    But it just floods the CPU to nearly 100% usage with HD-mode on. :(
    Probably because it's a P4 èh?...
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