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I have a new Cooler Master 932 with a lot of drive slots. 6 of the slots are for 5.25 formats. One is filled with a DVD player, the other a card reader. I'll be filling the last of my 3.5" slots so I'm now looking to the larger slots. Cooler Master only gave me one adapter which I used for the card reader. They don't list adapters on their web site, at least I couldn't find any.

Anyone know where I can get a few more?

And why are there so many of these slots when drives are pretty much all 3.5"?

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  1. You should be able to get those adapters from any computer store. Just make sure that the case has the proper mounting holes for the adapters.
  2. They can be bought just about any ware and sometimes on newegg. I to have some of my 3.5 drives mounted in a 5.25 bay thanks to one typical adapter and one that came out of a 13 year old compaq. I modded another ancient bay adapter that would only mount floppy drives to mount a 2.5 in drive in a 5.25 bay after using the shell from off a dead floppy drive that i drilled.
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