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I've got an E8400 on a Gigabyte GA-X48-DS4 motherboard with OCZ 4GB PC2-6400 Reaper X ram with the CPU in a custom watercooling setup. Last night I successfully overclocked the CPU to 4GHz using 445 x 9. Upon checking CPU-Z it stated that the CPU was running at 4GHz as expected. I then stress tested it with orthos for 2 hours before needing to go to sleep (no problems there).

I've now come to turn it on this morning to stress test some more and opened up CPU-Z to find that the clock speed has reverted back to the default 3GHz (333.3 MHz Bus Speed). All the other changes I've made have stayed the same though (voltage changes, Ram Timings). If I go to check the BIOS, all the settings are exactly as I set them, including the bus speed. Also when choosing to save the BIOS now it will just give me a black screen and I have to push the reset button to get windows to load again. Why would this happen?

My BIOS settings are as follows:

Robust Graphics Booster Auto
CPU Clock Ration 9 x
Fine CPU Clock Ration +0.0
CPU Frequency 4.00GHz(445x9)
CPU Host Clock Control Enabled
CPU Host Frequency(Mhz) 445
PCI Express Frequency(Mhz) 100
C.I.A.2 Disabled
Performance Enhance Standard
System Memory Multipier (SPD) 2.00B
Memory Frequency(Mhz) 890
DRAM Timing Selectable (SPD) Manual

CAS Latency Time 5
DRAM RAS# to CAS# Delay 5
DRAM RAS# Precharge 5
Precharge delay(tRAS) 15

ACT to ACT Delay(tRRD) auto
Rank Write to READ Delay auto
Write to Precharge Delay auto
Refresh to ACT Delay auto
Read to Precharge Delay auto
Static tRead Value auto
Static tRead Phase adjust auto
Command Rate(CMD) auto

CPU/PCIEX Clock Driving Control 800mV
CPU Clock Skew Control Normal
(G)MCH Clock Skew Control Normal

System Voltage Control Manual
DDR2 OverVoltage Control +0.35V
PCI-E OverVoltage Control +0.10V
FSB OverVoltage Control +0.10V
(G)MCH OverVoltage Control +0.100
Loadline Calibration Enabled
CPU Voltage Control 1.37500V
Normal CPU Vcore 1.22500V

I did have all the setting above spaced out nicely but it seems the forum removes "unwanted" spaces.
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  1. most asus and gigabyte boards have a fail safe design - if it doesnt post within a set amount of time it will reset the settings reverting back to stock (which i hate too)

    also - sleep modes and desktop pcs never mix, especially with nvidia products, and overclocking etc

    kill the sleep modes
  2. So you think the settings I've got it at are not allowing it to post. If thats so though why would it keep all the voltage levels and ram changes the same?
  3. Also why would have it posted ok in the first place to allow me to do the stress testing in the evening. Then when it comes to the next morning it drops the frequency back down?
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