Memory stick problem

How do I solve this: "Another program is using this file". This problem appears when I try to open my memory stick. This is intermittent but is becoming often.
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  1. Is there a program that you installed with the memory stick, i.e. a sony program? If so, try deleting that program.
  2. I did not install any program for my memory stick. My computer ( I think most computers) automatically detects removable devices like memory stick so there's no need to install any program. I am thinking that this problem is motherboard related. Am I right to think this way? If yes, what is the best thing for me to do aside from replacing the motherboard?
  3. Boot without the stick and then install is it accessable?
    Boot with the stick in, is it accessable?
    Sticks have a short lifespan, It could be going bad.
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