How to change windows 7 to xp

Please TELL me how to change WINDOWS 7 into WINDOWS XP!!!! :sweat:
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  1. You cannot downgrade Windows 7 to XP. If you want to use XP you will have to do a new install
    Just be sure to save all your documents, pictures, favourites, music .... to an external; device like USB memory stick first

    If you just want Windows 7 to look like XP then you can try this:
  2. Hey hubbardt!!!!!

    If you want to make Windows 7 to look like XP then you can follow the given below steps

    Windows 7 is a great new operating system, but some people may not be comfortable with the new interface or the taskbar. I will show you how to quickly and simply configure windows 7 look like Windows XP.

    Windows 7 is faster than Windows XP and it's got a great new user interface that most technicians love. If you don't like the efficient new interface of Windows 7, you might feel that you are out of luck. However, there are a few ways to remedy that situation.

    Here's a quick guide to making Windows 7 look and act a bit more like Windows XP.

    1. Changing The Taskbar : –
    One of the biggest changes to the look is Windows 7 ‘Taskbar’. It looks cool to us, but it's definitely very different from the artistic of Windows XP.

    Simple steps to changing taskbar:-
    Right click on the Taskbar.
    Then go to Properties
    Then go to setting
    Then change the setting marked Taskbar Buttons to Never Combine.
    This will make the Taskbar more like as the Windows XP designs that we are all familiar with windows XP. You also need to choose "small icons", and right click each icon to "Unpin" it from the taskbar. If you want to change it back, just reverse the steps.

    2. Choosing the Windows Classic Theme: –
    As per my experience enabling a classic theme, you will truly get Windows XP.

    Steps to choose Windows classic theme
    Right click on a clean area of the desktop
    Then go to Personalize
    After that under Themes, choose the 'Windows Classic theme'
    Then click on ‘Apply’ then ‘Ok’
    This makes your theme and folders look like they did in Windows XP. Folders will show up more usually, as will icons on the taskbar. There are still some big differences from Windows 7 and Windows XP, but this clears up most of the major ones.
  3. Hi !

    Some good tips there.
    One question ... did you click on the link in my post ? :kaola:
  4. actually, you could just right click the program you want to use (for example a game) and click on troubleshoot compatibility.
  5. Anonymous said:
    Please TELL me how to change WINDOWS 7 into WINDOWS XP!!!! :sweat:

    Turn the 7 sideways, add a V sticking to one side of it and add a P to the end.

    If you want to install XP on the computer, buy an XP disk with a code and install it.
  6. Your input is welcome, Matthew Choi, but far more useful in slightly more modern threads rather than raising 2011 problems from the dead. I'm closing this none now.
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