Webcam using for distance education but how? pls help

Hi everybody I am a teacher and I want to prepare a distance education class by using webcam. I mean how can we use webcam in our school web page

is it possible and if it is yes could help me pls. what kind of hardware or software I have to use for this platform.

thank you very much for your interest.
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  1. Streaming webcam video. It is possible. It's very easy. And the hardware/software requirements to get started are very modest.
    You could have live webcasts. And / or play back previously recorded content for students who need a more flexible schedule.
    Do you need/want 2-way participation (video/voice/text)? That's internet conferencing and it's a bit more involved.
    How many persons will be watching any single live broadcast? The will determine how much bandwidth is be needed to send the video stream out. And that will have an impact on the software, hardware and internet connections you can use. The largest budget item will probably be the internet connection.
    What setup (hardware/software/internet connection) are you currently using for your school web site?

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