Antec 500W "earthwatts"

Hey guys
I'm running a 500W antec earthwatts power supply with...

Phenom 2 940 3.0Ghz
Gig MA790GP-UD4H
4 gb corsair RAM
320 gb Seagate HDD
ASUS 1gb 4870 Radeon
2 X 120mm fans
Soundblaster platinum

I just upgraded and the system seems to be running pretty hot
Is this power supply sufficient?
Any advice would be appreciated
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  1. What is pretty hot? It should be fine.
  2. Are you a hardcore gamer?
    Do you you overclock?
    Which pc case do you have?
  3. JohnnyLucky said:
    Are you a hardcore gamer?
    Do you you overclock?
    Which pc case do you have?

    Game a fair bit, no OC as yet... My case is a Antec Sonata 3. I think it's the north bridge that's producing a lot of heat
  4. well the PSU has nothing to do with the system running 'hot'. And if you dont do any crazy overclocking, even the wattage on that psu should be enough for your system to run stable.

    On the other hand Sonata III doesn't have too many fans on it so getting proper airflow might be a bit difficult.

    The components that produce a lot of heat would be the processor and graphics card, not the northbridge...
  5. Your PSU is just fine. Actually it's a great PSU and no it's not the source of your heat problem. You need better ventelation, and maybe a good aftermarket CPU cooler.

    Get two 120mm case fans. Just be aware that even if you get "Silent" fans, if they push a high CFM, then you may get some noise from the air turbulence, especially if the airflow in the back encounters obstructions like being close to a wall. I'd say go with two of these

    XIGMATEK XSF-F1251 120mm Case Fan

    It pushes a little over 70 CFM. Be wary of high CFM claims like 200CFM from the tornado. Yeah it keeps your PC cool, but it also sounds like a plane taking off.
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