Motherboard and USB Slots

My main concern is about USB speeds addressing in the motherboard.

My mobo is P6T6 and has 3 USB 3 pins on the PCB. Does that mean 480mbps each?

So for example if i hook a PCI controller with 4 USB ports or the front chassis USB ports and connect it to one of the boards PCB USB it will act as a 4 USB Hub?Meaning that all 4 will share the 480mbps and not have 480 each?

What about the USB's on the mainboards backplate? They seem to be working without the need to plug anything. Do they use the 480 speed individually or do they share it? The P6T6 has 6 USB 2.0 on it's backplate.
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  1. Cmon guys seriously, is there no answer on a such seemingly easy query?

    Please spread some knowledge around for us newcomers!
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