Which way to mount a Xigmatech HDT-S1283 in my case?


I have an antec 300 case and im using an Intel Q9550 Quad CPU, and installing a Xigmatech HDT-S1283 heatsink...

Basicly, im wondering if it would be more effective to mount the heatsink face backward towards a case fan of the same size as the one on the heatsink (120mm) or horizotaly faceing upwards towards a bigger fan (140mm) both blowing outwards.

Whats the general consensus on what would be a more effective option..

The 140mm top fan is the antec original on a low setting for less noise which gives 47 CFM (can go up to 95 CFM, if i turn it up)

And the 120mm back fan is a Sharkoon 2000 which at max is 75CFM but is is running at 1200-1300rpm. so giving it a guess, its about the same as the 140mm (47CFM)

Thanks for any input!!
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  1. towards the 140mm, the 120mm is an exhaust fan.

    tbh the fan should be facing the front of the PC so the 120mm pulls the air from the heatsink quicker but there isn't a fan in front of the heatsink then.
  2. Thanks for the post.. but i dont quite get what you mean by 'the fan should be facing the front of the PC' what fan do you mean?

    The heatsink has its own 120mm fan blowing thru the heatsink...
  3. the front side of the fan(looking through the fan, through the heatsink from the fan side) should be facing the front of the PC.

    but then it won't cool as best as possible because there isn't a fan pushing air towards the heatsink.

    Just to clarify, is the 120mm fan pulling air into the case or pushing it out?

    It should be pushing it out but if it's pulling it in then A) you need an exhaust fan on the bottom right corner on that picture and B) Point the heatsink at the 120mm fan.
  4. ive never heard of anyone facing their heat sink to the front of the PC

    This is how the air flow is in the computer... with this configuration shown.. what would be the best bet? blowing toward the 140mm and exit or toward the 120mm

    The blue means blowing in (intake) and the red fans are blowing out, the green is the heatsink... ive included my gfx card and power supply fans.


    Thanks again!
  5. With my S1283 I set it so that the fan was pushing air towards the fans in the back of the case (not the top), that way when I put on the little spoiler thing, airflow is pushed down onto the voltage regulators (which are under a heatsink on my motherboard, and with all the heatpipes then it's also giving the entire board a little cooling).
  6. ok thanks.... any other thoughts on this would be apprieciated
  7. Test both variants yourself. And keep the one that is giving best temps. If You put it to blow upwards it might give better cooling for cpu as normally hot air rise up by itself. If You put it towards back it should help cooling Ram as is drawn over the memory. And then blown over voltage regulators helping to cool them, You could bent 2-3 bottom fins on heatsink to guide air towards voltage regulators.

    I would probably stick with traditional blowing to the back.
  8. yeah but if he has the fan on the heatsink pointing towards the 140mm then the hot air will be pushed onto the gfx card.
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