Xp is not working well

my system is winxp with service pack 3.
recently i installed unicorde software.
after that programs are not working well.
Problems are...
1)time and date not showing in task bar
2)hard disk display wrong capacity(like free 650g,size150g)
3)when try to program run, security file warning
4)security file warning running every start up
these are few..
so plz help me to get rid of this..
thank you..
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  1. What is unicorde software? Do you mean Unicode? Have you tried to uninstall the software?

    You probably have a virus, go though this http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/248626-45-simple-free-guide-removing-malware
  2. sorry it shoud be unicode.. i tried to uninstall that, bt can't do that.....i'll try malware bytes in safe mode according to your reference.. (i had kaspersky internet security 2011 & i thought it protect me from any issue..)
    before install that software i created a restore point. its also missing...

  3. i tried malware byte in safe mode bt it didn't work for me...i can't install mal to system. it says "run time error - 7" "out of memory.. can't install any software...kaspersky also not working now...

    i'm sinking....
  4. Re-install Windows. Probably want to do that to a new drive so you don't lose any of your user files. Just don't copy them over till you do a full scan of the drive.
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